Olive Estate Lifestyle Village

Cinema seating 

Olive Estate Lifestyle Village Limited, a subsidiary of The Integrity Care Group Limited, is the development of Olive Estate. The Integrity Care Group has been providing aged care services in the South Island for more than 20 years. Olive Estate Lifestyle Village is one of their latest projects, completed in June 2018. 

Enjoying panoramic views overlooking the Richmond Hills and stretching towards the Tasman Bay, the building is predominantly a community facility for village residents and includes several entertainment facilities including a cinema. For the movie theatre, one of our most popular cinema seats for aged care facilities was chosen, The Effuzi Mojo.

Due to it's wide back and generous proportions in both cushioning and arm rests it provides undisturbed personal space and optimum comfort. The leg bolster at the cushions’ front edge is designed to provide ergonomic leg support while the back hugs the body for full lateral and lumbar support, providing physical ease and relaxation. One of the main reasons that make this chair an all-time favourite is the zipped on upholstery foam bonded fabric (or leather) covers which make for easy maintenance or replacement.

Effuzi Mojo cinema seat
Richmond, NZ
Year Completed