Alloyfold offers a stylish range of dining seats that are great for cafés or restaurants. Choose from our range of stackable, easy-to-clean and durable café  seating products.
Crossback Wooden Chair
H: 35.4 inch W: 17.7 inch D: 17.7 inch
Bentwood Wooden Chair
H: 34.3 inch W: 16.5 inch D: 17.7 inch
Aluminium Windsor Vintage Aluminium Chair
H: 33.9 inch W: 17.3 inch D: 19.7 inch
Aluminium Bentwood Vintage Aluminium Chair
H: 34.3 inch W: 15.7 inch D: 20.5 inch
Aluminium Crossback Vintage Aluminium Chair
H: 35.0 inch W: 18.9 inch D: 17.7 inch