Alloyfold A2 chair

Aluminium folding chair 

Our signature aluminium, sled-leg, folding chair is a must for the inventory of rental companies. The Alloyfold A2 is strong, rugged and robust while being low maintenance and rust free. The A2 is a stackable chair and easy to transport. Our customers say this is the world's best rental chair!

It is 30% lighter than a steel equivalent and just as strong. The A2 is cheaper to transport and faster to set up and pack down, making your life much easier. The anodized frame is difficult to scratch, requires no retouching and doesn't rust, meaning this chair is virtually maintenance free. Because of this, it has an extended rental life due to the anodized frame, maximizing your return on investment. It is also great for soft surfaces and won't damage artificial turf.

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Aluminium & polypropylene
Anodized frame
Height: 33.1 inch
Width: 17.3 inch
Depth: 18.5 inch
Seat Height: 18.1 inch
Weight: 4.4 lb
Load Capacity
264.6 lb
5 year commercial warranty

Words from our customers:

"I have the anodized aluminum frame. I plan to purchase many more. My goals for chairs were to reduce maintenance costs, meet our high appearance standards in the long term (look good after a few years without a lot of work), and be strong enough to be both safe and hold up to the rigours of rental life.  Alloyfold has met my objectives!"

Tim Maloney

- Canton Chair Rental, Canton, Ohio