Cass Bay Copper House

Cinema seating 

The Cass Bay Copper House was designed by Michael O'Sullivan, and was featured on Grand Designs NZ in 2020. O'Sullivan had free rein over the design of the house, and came up with one of the most unconventional and mind-blowing homes many people have seen. The copper exterior and curved walls, even containing curved wooden sliding doors, are just some of the qualities that make this house so unique. 

The wave shaped copper design certainly stands out, and Alloyfold was proud to be part of this extraordinary project. The ground floor of the house has a hidden cinema & bar, with our Bach reclining seats. These luxury seats in full leather were chosen for optimum comfort in the home cinema space, and the brown colour fits in well with the warm tones throughout the rest of the house. 

Christchurch, NZ
Year Completed