Coronavirus update for Alloyfold customers

21 February 2020

Issued: 21 February 2020

The team at Alloyfold and the wider Pathway Charitable Group extend their thoughts and prayers to those affected by the devastating Coronavirus outbreak. Like many, we have been closely watching the unfolding situation around the globe, as we come to grips with the scale and human-impact of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The World Health Organization’s latest report dated 19 February 2020 confirmed 75,204 cases of the Coronavirus, 74,280 of these being individuals residing in China. Heartbreakingly, this outbreak has resulted in over 2000 human lives lost.

Alloyfold has some products being manufactured in China. We have friends and employees there who are being impacted by the outbreak, and we continue to keep them in our thoughts.

At the date of this update, many business operations in Mainland China remain temporarily closed, while others have resumed business with skeleton staff. Undoubtedly beyond the devastating human toll, the Coronavirus is also having an impact on the global economy and supply chain.

Our customers should be advised that we are working closely with our supply partners to; firstly support the wellbeing of their people, and identify any potential delays. Meeting our customers needs and expectations is important, and we appreciate our customers understanding at this time.

Should you have any questions or concerns relating to you orders, please contact a member of our team on 

We will endeavour to provide important updates via our website, as information comes to hand.

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