Stadium Seating

Alloyfold's stadium seating provides seating solutions for sports venues and spectator audiences.  Complying with safety codes, our seating is comfortable and maximises occupancy.  Contact us to discuss your project.
Tip and Roll Seat Portable Stadium Seating
H: 34.4 inch W: 87.6 inch D: 65.6 inch
Alloyfold A6 Chair Aluminium Folding Chair
H: 33.2 inch W: 17.5 inch D: 15.7 inch
Alloyfold A2 Chair Aluminium Folding Chair
H: 33.1 inch W: 17.3 inch D: 18.5 inch
Cube Chair Plastic Stacking Chair
H: 31.5 inch W: 15.0 inch D: 18.5 inch