Cube Chair

Plastic Stacking Chair 

A simple low‐cost resin stacking chair with a LOT of strength, virtually indestructible! The Cube chair is lightweight, easy to set up and clean. It is stronger than most comparative chairs due to the thickness of its 100% virgin polypropylene molded shell. Because of its virgin plastic it also withstands the affects of UV damage (e.g. discolouring, yellowing with age or becoming brittle) better than any other, lower cost alternatives which are made of recycled, off-cut or end of run materials.

The Cube is the perfect chair for rental use, as a party chair, event seating, or in community club-rooms, youth halls and any other environment needing a robust, indestructible but stylish chair - indoors or outdoors!

: 31.5 inch
: 15.0 inch
: 18.5 inch
Seat Height
: 17.3 inch
: 6.2 lb
Colours are indicative only. Please enquire for a full range of fabric swatches available.