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Alloyfold A6

Our signature aluminum folding chair is a must for rental companies. The Alloyfold A6 is strong, durable and stackable while being low maintenance and rust free. With the A6 a stack of 50 chairs is only 4'7 high. Our customers say this is the world's best rental chair! 

  • The A6 folding chair is:  30% lighter than a steel equivalent - cheaper to transport and faster to set up and pack down
  • Virtually maintenance free - The anodized frame is difficult to scratch, requires no retouching and doesn't rust
  • Very profitable - an extended rental life because it last 2 to 3 times longer, maximizing return on investment
  • Contemporary - The anodized frame and seat is available in many finish options



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Rental and Events Chairs with the Alloyfold Advantage

Perfect for the hire and rental industry, Alloyfold's portable, stackable contract chairs are built to last. From the signature Alloyfold A6 Aluminium folding chair to the stylish Bella or classy Chiavari these chairs are a must have for any rental inventory. Built for demanding, commercial environments the Alloyfold A6, A2 and Fanback chairs are lightweight, strong, rugged and robust, low maintenance and rust-free which means they offer a great return on investment. Some of our customers say they are the best rental chairs in the world!

Alloyfold also offers lightweight, stacking rental chairs made from resin such as the Milano and Cube. They are easy to clean and built to last. Alloyfold's contract chairs also come in a large range of colours and many of them have a 5 year warranty. 

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