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Why Choose Us?

Alloyfold is a leading distributor of some the most durable commercial furniture on the market including tables, contract chairs, cafe chairs, auditorium seating, cinema seating, waiting seating and church seating. Our seating and tables are strong, durable and commercial grade.

Here's the twist: Alloyfold is wholly owned by Pathway Charitable Group, a registered charitable trust offering the tools and opportunity for people to make a fresh start. People needing employment or new skills, families or individuals needing accommodation and people about to be released from prison, come to us for a fresh start. We never give up on people. ever.

Profits from Alloyfold's sales are invested in this mission. So along with great local service and quality products you can also be sure your purchase is making a difference in our community. 

Pathway's programs really make a difference and yes. one chair can really change a life.

Thanks for your support.

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Our famous Aluminum folding chairs are designed in New Zealand for event and rental companies everywhere. We have been selling our chairs in the USA for 12 years and have great customers who repeatedly buy our products.

Our Aluminum folding chairs offer a great return on investment - they aren't the cheapest to buy but they are the cheapest to own. Alloyfold Aluminum folding chairs offer a lot of advantages over other rental chairs. They are strong, durable, lightweight and maintenance free.

Check out the Alloyfold A6, described by our customers as "the world's best rental chair". And don't miss the Alloyfold A2 and new Alloyfold Fanback as well as the innovative new resin Bella Evolution.

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